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Wellness Programs

Stones stacked upon each other. To be well, isn’t just not being sick, but it’s also feeling great, functioning great, and being able to be the best you can be. At Dirker Chiropractic, we help patients achieve this. We focus on more than just where pain is, but areas of your health that could be keeping you from being the best you can. We do this by focusing on your diet, nutrition, fitness, durability and function. Each of these areas are key in bringing out the best in you, and we can help you do that.

Nutrition Programs

Depending on what your goals are with your diet/nutrition, we can accommodate many patients meet their goals. Some prefer to strictly lose weight, some prefer to eat better, some prefer to see if food they’re eating is making them worse, and others want a little bit of everything. Whatever your goals are, we are here to serve you and help you reach your nutrition goals.

Weight Loss Programs

Come visit our office and discover what many other people have already discovered. That’s how to lose weight (the right kind of weight) and keep it off. We have different options to accommodate all people. Our programs have proven to be effective and the whole time you’re working with a doctor to make sure you are progressing through the program efficiently.

Food Allergy Testing

Ever wonder why you get headaches, or stomach aches, or fatigue for no reason? Well, it could be the foods you’re eating. At Dirker Chiropractic, we offer a food sensitivity test that can not only detect what foods are making you feel bad right after you eat them, but also foods that you’ve eaten 2 weeks ago that may be causing those symptoms. We will walk you through the program and make sure you know how it works, step by step, to ensure you get the best results and get your body healthy again.

Exercise Rehabilitation

If you’re in constant pain, or just find that it’s hard for you to move or exercise like others can, then you may need to rehabilitate certain muscles in your body. It’s hard to determine what muscles need what type of exercise. At Dirker Chiropractic, you work with a doctor to help identify what areas in your body need to be strengthened, and what areas are too strong/tight that you need to stretch out. Proper muscle balance in your body is key in functioning and feeling well. Let us help you move and feel as good as you can with a customized exercise rehabilitation plan.

Physical Modalities

If you’re in pain, and sick of taking pain medications, or never wanted to take pain medications, come see us at Dirker Chiropractic. We offer several ways to minimize or eliminate pain, all natural and effective methods. Certain causes behind pain require certain modalities, an we will be sure to evaluate your specific condition and choose the best option(s) to suit you.

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